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The Purpose in my life is to empower women and take a stand against the negative stereotypes that the media and society has imposed on women who are plus, curvy, thick or voluptuous sizes. The reality is that statistics in America show that about 50 million women are considered overweight or obese. That’s approximately 3 out of every 5 women. In addition, there are approximately 13.7 million children considered overweight. I understand because I was in that number and after losing 400 pounds I realized we can’t all be skinny, slim, slender or thin which is the standard for beauty today that the mass media projects on what is beautiful. They have dictated the criteria and the standard of what they believe is the only form that Beauty can be!

My Personal Checklist

Love yourself in the NOW

Never let society dictate your SIZE and BEAUTY

Consuming foods that make YOU feel great!

Developing YOUR plan that works for YOU

Define success on YOUR OWN TERMS

Start YOUR journey one day at a time and own it

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I am Rebeckah Wilhelmina founder of Healthy Curves Count.  We are building a community of support to encourage all women to be Strong, Powerful, and Embracing of themselves unconditionally and loving themselves in the NOW…

Time to make a change

Through Self-love, embracing life in the NOW, defining inner and outer beauty, they too can transform their lives.

Take Control

We need to take back control of the definition of what it means to be beautiful!

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